5 Great Instagram Tips for Instagram Users - Special Tips

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5 Great Instagram Tips for Instagram Users - Special Tips

5 Great Instagram Tips for Instagram Users - Special Tips

About 10 years ago, when Instagram was launched, it was the only photo-sharing application, but it is now one of the most popular social networks. Instagram is now a social network of more than 1 billion users and is owned by Facebook. If you are a regular or new Instagram user, then these Instagram tips and tricks will help you to get the maximum benefits of Instagram. Let's see the tactics.

01. Add multiple photos and videos to the same post

With the latest version of Instagram, you can now get the maximum benefit of posting up to 10 photos and videos at the same time. After selecting any image during your gallery browsing through Instagram, click on the "Select Multiple" button below it.  You will able to add more photos and videos.

02. Add or delete more information in the old post

Maybe you've posted a picture. But you want to remove a hashtag from the caption or add a new hashtag. Or you forgot to tag your friend in a recent photo or want to add a location. To do this type of work, click on the button that looks like three points in the same row above your post. Select the "Edit" option. You can now customize and modify the tags or captions of the person you want. But you can not change the image.

03. Temporary Snapchat feature

In Instagram, a feature like Snapchat has been added, allowing you to upload visual images or videos only for some time. This means that whenever a friend of your Instagram account views the video or image, it will be automatically deleted immediately after viewing the video or image. To add a Snapchat, at first, open the camera of Instagram.

Take a picture or record a video. Then click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen and choose the persons who do you want to watch your photo or video and click on share. The persons you have selected will get the notification about your shared post. Keep in mind, they will get the notification of the post if they are the followers of your Instagram ID.

04. Save the picture to see later

While using Instagram, many of your images may look good and you may want to save these pictures in your Instagram ID so that you may watch the images later whenever you want. So, to do this, click on the bookmark icon at the bottom right of the image that you want to save. After the image is saved, you will see the image in a tab of your profile.

05. Stop commenting users for specific posts

Instagram has recently given access to their users more control over their post by allowing users to stop commenting from other users in a particular post. To do this, select that picture and video where you want to stop commenting. On that post, click the icon that looks like three points in the same row and select "Turn Off Commenting". That's all. You are done.


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