7 Effective Tips on Android Phone Security - Best Guideline

7 Effective Tips on Android Phone Security - Best Guideline
Thursday, December 31, 2020
7 Effective Tips on Android Phone Security - Best Guideline

Nowadays, almost all of the computer's functionality is available in Android smartphones. Some Android phone processors and RAM are more than many of the desktops. All this is because of users' convenience. If a user becomes unable to properly manage these powerful devices, then the hazard may appear. In this blog post, we will learn about some strategies that will help you to keep your Android phone safe.

01. Regular updates

Many of us do not want to update Android OS and apps due to fear of data expenditure. But it may be a serious threat to the privacy of the device and your information. Several types of different operating systems and app codes are caught in error which can cause you cyber attacks. Regular updates of your android phone can be a solution to this fear and it also brings many new features that may benefit you.

02. Lock the phone

There are many of us who do not lock the phone due to laziness. That's a terribly bad habit. If you do not lock your phone, then you may fall in danger. If your phone is stolen, then several types of crime can be done with your android phone. Do not wait for that bad day. There are several convenient methods like fingerprint, facial recognition if you don't want to set a password. While you are setting up a password, make sure that you have chosen a password that no one can guess.

03. Download apps only from the official source

The official or most trusted app downloading platform for an Android phone is Google Play Store. If you download an APK file from the outside and install it on the phone, you can accidentally get infected by the virus. You can get an idea about its popularity and accuracy by viewing how many times it has been downloaded on the Google Play store.

04. Use encryption

If your android phone is not encrypted, it can be possible for hackers to find out important information like social login details, online bank account details and credit card details from the phones' memory card or internal storage easily. To enable encryption, see the Security section of the Smartphone settings.

05. Password management

Many people write different online service user IDs and passwords in the Notes apps on the phone. It's a harmful habit. In this way, saving confidential data has a great danger of being unaffected. Rather use a password manager app (such as LastPass, Google authenticator). Or the password can be saved in Google Chrome, which can be protected on Google's server.

06. Uninstall unused apps

If you are not using an app that is installed on the phone, it will best for the security of your android phone if you remove the app. Because different apps want different permissions for your device. The lesser the apps are installed, the less the risk of a device hack.

07. Keep unnecessary connections off

Turn off the connections of the phone's mobile data, wifi, Bluetooth when it is not needed. These will protect your phone's battery as well as protect against the risk of hacking data through Bluetooth and wifi.


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