How to Stay Safe on The Internet - 5 Important Tips

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How to Stay Safe on The Internet - 5 Important Tips

How to Stay Safe on The Internet - 5 Important Tips

Dear readers, how are you? Welcome to another informative blog post. You know that nowadays without the help of the internet, the modern world is known to be inaccessible. We enjoy the benefits of the internet in different ways. As you are reading this blog post, you are also covered by the Internet.

How many sites we visit every day and how much content is seen every day by people? We hope, the answer will be a lot. And in this way, miscreants have caused various types of damage to internet users by various means.

Some people are removing important files from the devices, stealing credit card information, handling money with false information, cheating by knowing the password, many more! So in this blog post, we are going to learn how to stay safe on the internet.

01. Be careful when browsing or downloading

While browsing the various sites on the internet, you will see a lot of offers from different types of smart advertisements. Think twice before clicking on the advertisements.

Be careful when downloading a file from any site other than a known and trusted site. Malware or virus can be inserted on your device by downloading any crack or keygen file. It will be best for you to download any file only from the reliable sites.

Moreover, you can use any antivirus software (such as Avast, Windows Defender etc.) to scan downloaded files.

Nowadays, free WiFi is available in different places. Don't use anyone's wifi while browsing if it not trusted. Through a wifi connection, the wifi owner can steal your valuable information.

02. Use a password manager

Many people use the same password for multiple sites due to the need of remembering the password. But that's not right. Because, if your password is inconvenient, then all your online accounts will be at risk.

Use a password manager to avoid having trouble remembering your password. There are built-in password managers in browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc. These browsers store your password securely.

Two popular password manager apps for android mobile are LastPass and 1Password. You can easily save your passwords into the password manager apps. These apps are built with high-quality security.

03. Notice the browser's address bar

There are many online attackers who create fake sites which totally look like popular sites and ask people to log in these websites. When visitors try to log in, they failed to log in with the username password. And the hacker of the site stores your user name and password.

In this case, a password manager app will be a great solution. Because the password you saved for a site does not automatically suggest on another site.One more thing you need to concern while browsing with any browser.

Check the address bar to make sure that you are actually on a site that has HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Security) in green colour lock icon at the beginning of the address bar.

Keep in mind while browsing a website with HTTP at the beginning of browsers' address bar, the third party hackers can detect your confidential information like passwords, debit card information, bank details etc. by hacking the Internet connection.

04. Turn on Two-Step Verification in Online Account

Using a two-step verification method in an account a person identify his identity along with the username and password. If you use two-step verification method, you will have to enter a security code every time that you will get via an SMS or mail from a server.

Then you will be able to sign in to your desired service. While using the username and password for logging on any website, at the same time your mobile phone is less likely to be hacked. This way your account can also be protected from hacking.

05. Use trusted internet browsers

Today, trusted internet browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox are considered as the best browser for browsing anything on the internet. Opera browser is also good.

But there is doubt about the UC browser's loyalty. Users have been accused of cheating with UC Browser. Even the UC Browser was deleted once from the Google Play Store. Various advertisements and click beta news/video content are shown in UC Browser, which is disliked by many people.


Dear reader, we have come to the end of this informative blog post. We hope this blog post was helpful for you to learn about how to stay safe on the internet. If you liked this blog post and if the blog post has benefitted you, then please don't forget to leave your valuable comment about this blog post in the below.

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