7 Effective Steps to Increase Ransomware Protection on Your PC

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7 Effective Steps to Increase Ransomware Protection on Your PC

7 Effective Steps to Increase Ransomware Protection on Your PC

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a harmful program or virus or malware that locks the file on the infected device and hackers demand money to open that locked files. WannaCrypt is known as WannaCry encrypts or locks all the files on a PC and demands for thousands of dollar using a secure online payment method to unlock infected PC's files.

It is not possible to identify who is receiving this money. Because they use the bitcoin payment method to receive money. If you do not agree to pay the money, the virus will be threatening to delete all the files within the maximum of 3 days.

The way ransomware is spread

Wanacrypt is spread by using common methods to spread ransomware or any other types of virus. Some of the popular methods are spam emails and torrent downloads. Cyber attackers are spreading the virus through a file download functionality.

Instead of letting the user download any useful file or software, they forced the user to download the virus with the file or software. After installing the software or opening files programme, the virus will be activated automatically.

How to increase ransomware protection on your pc

Already we know how dangerous the ransomware virus. So it has become foremost for us to keep our PC safe. To keep your PC safe, try to follow the instructions in the below to increase the ransomware protection on your PC.

01. Update Softwares in regular

Try to update all the software on your computer in regular to increase ransomware protection. Because out-dated software can be a host to call out the ransomware virus.

02. Use the latest Windows 10

If you are using older versions of Windows, please upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible to increase ransomware protection. If you are not interested, then download and install Microsoft's urgent patch to protect your PC from ransomware.

03. Activate firewall and block risky SMB pots

Activate the firewall right now. If you have already activated, then change the configuration of your firewall to block network or internet SMB ports such as TCP 137, 139 and 445 ports. Keep in mind ransomware works well on UDP 137 and 138 ports. For this, you may follow Microsoft's steps to shut down the risky SMB ports.

04. Update antivirus in regular

Keep your antivirus up to date to protect against these latest threats. Almost all the security providers update their software programmes in regular. So you also have to update the antivirus to the latest version to increase ransomware protection.

05. Store important files on Google drive

Try to store a regular backup of your important files after updating the files. And also try to store the important documents in Google Drive and make sure that you have secured your all Google accounts.

06. Don't click on suspicious links on Email or Gmail account

Beware of phishing to increase ransomware protection. Do not click on any link without checking the sources of emails. If you think that the mail looks suspicious, then immediately delete the mail from you Email or Gmail account.

07. Download files from the original source

If you are about to download a file or software for your PC, then you must download the file or software from the original source. Otherwise, the virus can be download with the software or file.

Also, don't visit any site that has popup or popunder ads. Because most of the times popup or popunder ads automatically download files on your PC. As a result, there is a great chance to infected with ransomware virus.


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