5 Ways to Stay Safe While Using Free Wi-Fi - Basic Guideline

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5 Ways to Stay Safe While Using Free Wi-Fi - Basic Guideline

5 Ways to Stay Safe While Using Free Wi-Fi - Basic Guideline

Nowadays there is free Wi-Fi in restaurants, markets, offices, shopping malls and various public places. As the Wi-Fi is totally free of cost, everybody uses the free Wi-Fi. But people don't know that free WiFi can steal your confidential information. Even online accounts can be hacked through free Wi-Fi. Whenever you are using free Wi-Fi, you must be aware of the following factors.

01. Refrain from online banking

Sometimes free Wi-Fi in public places become slow. A slower WiFi can be a trap. Never join online banking and do not make any types of online transactions using your debit or credit card. Because if there are any miscreants in the public WiFi network, they can empty your bank account within a minute just by using your bank details or credit or debit card information.

02. Use VPN

VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to visit any website through a different IP address. It will keep your personal information safe. Because hackers won't be able to track your real IP address. So whenever you are using free Wi-Fi in public places, make sure that you have enabled VPN.

03. Do not save the network

Sometimes you often store the name and password of the free WiFi network in your mobile and computer that was used before in your device. Do not save any free Wi-Fi network unless it is necessary. Because sometimes the miscreants can be auto-connected with your device. As a result, the information on your social accounts can be at risk. So, make sure that you have enabled two-step verification on your social networks.

04. Use antivirus app

Try to use the antivirus app in your devices. Whenever someone will try to connect with your device, the antivirus will notify you about the illegal actions. As a result, you will be able to delete the suspicious Wi-Fi network.

05. Don't turn on wifi all the time

If you don't need to use the Wi-Fi, then keep the phone's WiFi off. This will save your battery charges of the particular device. Also, it will apart you from the fraudulent auto-connecting network.


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