7 Strategies to Get Free YouTube Subscribers - Fastest Ways

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7 Strategies to Get Free YouTube Subscribers - Fastest Ways

7 Strategies to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

Are you finding the best strategies to boost your subscribers' count on YouTube to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers daily in the fastest ways.? Then this blog is for you. Everyone can create a YouTube channel, but everyone can't grow a YouTube channel.

Because it is difficult to rank a youtube video without proper SEO. Keep in mind if you are able to rank videos on YouTube, then you will be able to get organic views from the ranked videos. And obviously, if your video content has good quality, you will get organic subscribers from the organic views.

As it is hard to rank a video on YouTubewithout proper SEO, so 75% of the YouTubers become frustrated in the middle of Youtube career by thinking that why my channels' subscriber count is not growing?. And this frustration does not let them attain first 1,000 free YouTube subscribers.

In 2018 YouTube authority team declared some strict rules for the new upcoming YouTubers. They officially declared that new channel must have 4000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers for enabling monetization to make money on YouTube. So we hope already you have understood that day by day getting monetization on YouTube channel is becoming very hard. In 2020, also the situation has become harder for upcoming new YouTubers.

In fact, it takes a little bit long time to reach first 1,000 subscribers count. Once you have achieved your desired 1000 subscribers count. It is not so difficult to reach on 30,000 subscribers count. So follow the instructions below, hopefully, it will help you to grow your YouTube channel and you will easily get your first 1,000 subscribers.

01. Create your video on viewers demand

At first, you have to focus your attention on what your visitors are looking for on YouTube. You can use Google Trend or Quora to find out what people are searching on the internet, Google trend will give you an exact idea on the trending topic and Quora will help you to find out what people are asking on their platform.

After analyzing the trending topic or the problems that people are facing but not getting any solution, try to make your video on that trending topic or questionable topic. It will boost your video views and subscribers' count to get 1000 free subscribers daily on YouTube.

02. Use appropriate keywords into the title, tags and description

When you're planning to make your YouTube video, you need to identify the keywords that you want to target. You may use google keyword planner to search for your appropriate keyword. But make sure that your keyword is low competitive. Because it is hard to rank on higher competitive keywords.

Before making your YouTube video, it is important to pick a beautiful title for your YouTube video. But make sure that your keyword should be included in the video title. Because it is going to help your YouTube video to get optimized by the algorithm of YouTube.

Now go to YouTube, and search the same topic on YouTube, we hope you have got so many videos on the search result, try to analyze their tags and description box and find out the keywords that they are targetting. You may use the tags that are related to your content.

Keep in mind, your goal is to create the most comprehensive and helpful video on your selected topic. In my case, the standard video length is 6 to 12 minutes long.

Another reason to choose your keyword before recording a video is that you can include the keywords into the video script. Also, try to repeat your keywords into the audio scripts. That method will help your YouTube video to rank on YouTube search.

So, by following this small strategy, you can boost your video views and subscribers' count on YouTube to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers daily.

03. Publish your video on the same day of each week

Try to publish at least one video per week and publish it on the same day. When you upload the video on the same day and same time in a regular, it's like a TV show. People think of watching the video. And it draws their interest on your YouTube video.

For example, you can fix the days as of Friday or Monday. On the other hand, you may select the holidays to publish your YouTube video. The advantage of this technique is that they will be able to get back on your YouTube channel to watch your YouTube video as it will be a holiday for them and they will have free time to share some moments on your channel.

04. Ask for likes and reply to each comment on the YouTube video

When you are making a video, you must include a request to your visitors about liking your YouTube video. If you receive comments from the people on your YouTube video, you need to reply to their comments and thanks to them for watching your video. It will make them happy and inspire them to like and share your YouTube video.

If they give time to watch your video, then you must budget a time to reply to their comment. This will inspire them to subscribe to your channel. Most of the YouTubers don't know that likes and comments help YouTube video to get suggested beside another popular video that is related to your content.

05. Ask your viewers what they want to know

Find out the pain of your channel visitors and try to solve their pain. You should allow them to ask questions on your YouTube video and you should try to answer them properly and obviously, the answer should be helpful to them. As a result, they will be inspired by you and they will subscribe to your channel.

More likes and comments signify the quality of your video. Some positive comments and likes will help your video to get suggested to other people which will definitely boost your video views and subscribers' count on YouTube to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers daily

06. Make your video neat and clean

This is a mandatory step. If you do not make your video neat and clean, you will lose your visitors' attraction on your YouTube video. As a result, your video watch time will be reduced automatically. Because people do not love to watch those videos that have bad video quality. So always try to make your video neat and clean. This will help your channel to grow fast.

07. Properly optimize YouTube video description

Often, people leave their description box empty. But this is one of the biggest mistakes that YouTubers are doing. Make sure that your YouTube video description box is not empty. Try to write a short blog post into the video description.

We advise you to add your keywords only in the first two sentences. Do not try to play with the system by increasing keywords more and more in your description. Because YouTube may punish your channel on the ranking factors. Give a long description and add social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc. This will increase the trustability of your YouTube channel.

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Dear reader, we have come to the end of this informative blog post. We hope this blog post was helpful for you to learn about how to get free YouTube subscribers. If you follow the above information and apply these strategies properly on your YouTube video, We can guarantee you that your subscribers' count will be boosted automatically and you will be able to get 1000 free YouTube subscribers daily.

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