Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost is one of the reputed web hosts in the USA and Europe. According to Bluehost’s representatives, they host more than 500,000 websites. Moreover, their reseller partners have hosted a million websites and 99.7 percent of their customers have positive reviews.

Bluehost: Design and Installation

Bluehost offers various types of packages to choose from. It has various hosting plans: small business, reseller, eCommerce, web apps and high-end packages. Small Business plan offers 5 GB of web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, 50 GB of storage, 10 GB of bandwidth for each domain, unlimited apps and plugins, a custom domain, a free SSL certificate.

Reseller hosting offers a plan that is pretty much similar to that of the small business plan. The minimum pricing is $3.69/month. Web Apps and eCommerce packages come in at $3.69/month. Web Apps have unlimited bandwidth, storage, apps and support, while eCommerce offers unlimited storage, apps, an email server and support.

The web apps package is perfect for businesses or independent web developers. The Reseller and Web Apps packages are provided with Windows hosting. There are several more packages and different options to choose from.

Bluehost: Hosting Plans

Bluehost has three hosting plans, which include the Starter, Standard and Premium. The Starter plan offers a free domain, access to 3 GB of web space, unlimited domains and email addresses, 50 GB of storage and web apps, a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, web analytics, unlimited apps, and premium support for up to 24 hours.

The Standard plan offers unlimited web space, apps and features and support for up to 10 sites. The premium plan allows you to host and set up up up unlimited sites with unlimited space and features.

The Web Apps package comes in two types: Standard and Premium. The Standard package offers 2 GB of web space, unlimited apps, and access to 4 GB of storage. The Premium package provides 10 GB of web space, unlimited apps, 10 GB of storage and unlimited backups.

Once you choose your package and package types, you will be presented with the order page.

Bluehost: Several Packages

Bluehost has several types of web hosting, ranging from free to premium. The pricing is clearly outlined on their website, as are the plans which are available at each level. However, there are a few catches; none of the free plans include a free domain name or web space, and none of the premium plans come with the cheapest SSL certificate.

Web hosting is divided into five main categories; Starter, Priority, Standard, Plus, and Elite.

Free Starter and Priority:

All three tiers include unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and monthly disk space. These accounts provide you with up to 10 clients and up to 30 GB of web space for free. The premium plan gives you 150GB of storage, which is enough to host around 1,000 sites. However, the most expensive plans do not provide SSL.

Bluehost Priority and Bluehost Premium:

These are dedicated and dedicated servers respectively. Priority has unlimited space and storage for up to three sites, along with 10 clients. Premium provides unlimited space and storage for up to 10,000 websites, with up to 30 clients. Both accounts include free SSL certificates and free domain names.

Premium Plus and Elite:

These are the highest level of Bluehost web hosting accounts, which have all the premium features of the Premium Plus plans as well as SSL certificates for free. There are two tiers: Elite for users of Windows or Linux, and Elite Plus for Windows, macOS, and Android users. All Elite packages also include unlimited web space, email accounts, storage, and several other features. These are premium plans which provide the highest level of protection and security. Bluehost Elite Plus comes with all premium features for $2.49 per month.

Bluehost Free:

The only free plan is the Free Starter. Free Starter offers basic server access, storage, and email accounts. You only have two clients with Free Starter; that is no web space, email account, disk space, or SSL certificates. This plan comes with no monthly fees or taxes, but does not allow you to customize the web hosting system and can only be used for a single site. This plan comes with 90 days of web hosting insurance.

Bluehost Premium: This is the premium plan for the web hosting service. This plan comes with unlimited storage space, email accounts, disk space, and unlimited clients. Bluehost Premium Plus comes with unlimited storage space and email accounts as well as up to 30 clients.

Bluehost Plus Plus:

This is the highest level of premium web hosting, as well as the most expensive. Premium Plus comes with everything in Elite Plus, as well as a free SSL certificate for added security.

As you can see from this table, Bluehost offers a wide range of different hosting plans with pricing available in both USD and GBP. However, since Bluehost does not offer free SSL certificates with its free hosting account, we had to include those additional discounts in our buying guide. If you plan to use the free starter and priority packages, you do not need to purchase the premium plan at all; you can simply purchase the premium plan later on as your needs grow. If you plan to purchase the premium plan and then use the free starter, you will have to pay the premium price, which is $1.15 USD per month for the premium plan or $3.89 GBP for the premium plan.

Bluehost: Features and Security

Bluehost provides features such as email support with security features, Microsoft Virtual Server, Windows XP-based Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 with SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, PHP 5.3+, Microsoft IIS 7+, CentOS, FreeBSD, RHEL/Centos, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Openstack, and Ubuntu, PHP 7+, Oracle, MySQL, MAAS, Nginx, Apache 2.4+, PHP 5.4+, Ruby 2.3+, Nginx 3.1+, Laravel 5+ on Zend, Nginx 2.4+, PHP 5++++, Ruby 2.2+, Celery 4+ on Zend, ElasticSearch 2.0+ on Zend, HAProxy 2.5+, Memcache 2.5+, Icinga 1.3+, Node.js 4+ on Zend, Nginx 2.2+, Ghost 1.8+, MySQL 5.5+, HAProxy 2.5+, Symfony 3+, Angular 2+, Laravel 4+, Symfony 3+, Gulp 2+, Native Client 4+, CouchDB 4+ on Zend, Flash 10+ on Zend, MRI 2.3+, Ruby 2.3+ on Zend, MySQL 5.5+, Ruby 2.4+ on Zend, Postgres 9+ on Zend, SQLite 3.1+, Protocol Buffers 4+, Java 8+, Java 1.8+ on Zend, PostgreSQL 9+, MySQL 5+, Postfix 2+ on Zend.

According to Bluehost, they provide 99.7 percent of sites with 100% uptime, and have unlimited account cancellation and cancellation policy. Bluehost also has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 30-day unlimited network notification.

Bluehost: Security

Bluehost is quite secure, and the support response time is pretty quick. Bluehost uses SSL to secure the websites and apps, and the certificates are only validated by using certificates issued by verified authorities.

Bluehost uses daily backups and snapshotting, and you can restore the backups whenever you want.

Access Security, which provides high levels of security against cyber threats, and the anti-virus and anti-malware tools are constantly updated. This is achieved by maintaining a vast amount of security-related data, which is regularly monitored and audited. Access Security is a great way to protect your business from data theft and illegal downloading.

So, if you want to ensure that your website and apps stay safe from cyber attacks, you should sign up for Bluehost.

Extra Features

This is an excellent web host that you can use to set up websites, web apps, and eCommerce stores. Bluehost has dedicated IT teams who are available for 24 hours every day to assist you, solve issues, and provide best web hosting services. This web host offers several other services such as email marketing tools, and marketing tools, domain management tools, security solutions and many more.

Most of the software installed by Bluehost offers uptime guarantees, 99.9 percent of websites with 100% uptime, and features such as Microsoft Virtual Server, Windows XP-based Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 with SQL Server, Windows Server 2012 with MySQL, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, PHP 5.3+, Microsoft IIS 7+, CentOS, FreeBSD, RHEL/Centos, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Openstack, and Ubuntu, PHP 7+, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, PHP 5++++, Ruby 2.3+, Nginx, Apache 2.4+, PHP 5++++, Ruby 2.4+, Nginx 3.1+, CentOS, FreeBSD, RHEL/Centos, OpenSUSE, Ruby 2.4+, and MongoDB, Laravel 5+ on Zend.


Bluehost offers outstanding hosting services and features, and if you are looking for a host that offers a fantastic uptime, excellent security, and reliable support, then you should sign up with Bluehost.