Features of Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is a top-tier contender, protecting multiple critical operating systems, complete with pre-formatted packages for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as more specific programs for Internet Security, Mobile Security, PC Security, PC Optimizer, and more. Our favorite malware scanning engine.

Adware Protection

An often overused term, “adware” refers to a range of advertising and spamware related programs that can be installed via shortcuts or other tricks on computer systems and that can invade your privacy by keeping track of what you’re doing online.

Avast detected 99.5% of all adware threats in testing, with 99.7% of all threats detected by Adware Protection. Adware Protection also detected 99.9% of legitimate, non-targeted advertisements from 17 major media companies.

Optimized Safe Browser

The Avast Safe Browser is a safe web browsing tool with anti-tracking features and a built-in ad-blocker. The advanced browser includes privacy options including a “Wipe All Data” option to remove all traces of your browsing activity and prevent any of that data from showing up in any search engine results or other accounts.

Data Security Options

The Avast Security Application Security package also comes with a more specific version of Avast Safe Browser and other security programs. The additional security layers help safeguard your device against potentially harmful behaviors like sensitive device tracking, privacy violation, and unauthorized access.

Parental Controls

The optional parental control features come with several basic options to restrict access to key sites and applications like the Internet or the browser and to lock apps using the unique passcode for each child. All security features include the ability to create unique passcodes for multiple children for each feature.

Mobile Security

Avast mobile security comes with customizable apps and features designed for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It includes tools that help secure your personal data, protect against hackers, and combat spam and malicious ads.

Quarantine Features

If you’re concerned about your personal information, you may also be concerned about specific applications and devices you use frequently. Quarantine feature provides you with control over specific threats that are reported to you via an email.

Internet Security

Since Avast is a security firm, Avast Internet Security is able to detect and block malicious websites, viruses, malware, and other threats on a vast range of operating systems. When you’re browsing the web, you’ll also get protection against scams like phishing emails and other scams, and you’ll get access to Avast’s Anti-Phishing tool to test for phishing emails.

VPN Features

Besides a broader array of security tools, the Internet Security bundle also includes a more precise version of the Avast Secure Browser. Using the built-in VPN, your device will connect directly to Avast Secure Browser servers whenever you’re using online websites or apps that require privacy or encryption.

Keyboard Protection

If you’re concerned about privacy or security on your computer or device, you may also be concerned about a key device like your laptop or mobile device. Using Avast Keyboard Protection, you can protect your laptop or mobile device by preventing people from viewing any of your personal information that you type into the device.


Besides detecting unwanted online ads, the Avast Internet Security suite includes the ability to block specific web pages and applications that you’re not interested in.

Web Filter

If you want to protect your PC from certain types of malware, you may also want to try Avast Web Filter, a browser extension that blocks unwanted sites that may threaten your device.

Ongoing Testing and Technology Services

The Avast Security Applications and Online Protection Plus application security package is fully functional and updated with new virus definitions and other security enhancements.

In order to maintain and improve your device security, Avast’s antivirus and antivirus software software keeps its software up-to-date with relevant security updates.

In addition, it also uses top technology technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to constantly improve its security features.

Real Time Protection

The Avast Security Suite features Real Time Protection to protect you against online threats and breaches. As an added layer of protection, you’ll also get access to Avast Technology Services to monitor your device security 24/7 to help you keep your personal information safe and avoid any kind of cyber attack.

Virus Scanner

If you’re interested in getting a thorough scan of your personal information, you may also want to try Avast’s Virus Scanner tool, which scans your device for both harmful apps and unwanted malware.

Secure Browser

If you have a lot of different devices that you may want to connect to your PC for different purposes, you may want to try the Avast Internet Security suite’s VPN feature. Avast’s VPN service will also help protect you from scams and phishing emails.

Antivirus Protection

As a security company, Avast also provides real-time antivirus protection that protects your computer or device from viruses and other harmful computer programs. The antivirus program keeps your device safe from other online threats that are trying to steal your personal information.

Mobile Security

In order to protect your phone from both malicious apps and scams, you’ll also get access to the Avast Mobile Security app, which offers you real time protection against viruses and security threats.