Inmotion Web Hosting Review

Inmotion web hosting is one of the famous web hosting companies. They offer affordable services, and their prices are among the lowest in the industry. All of their hosting plans feature the latest hardware and software as well as their own hardware.

People choose Inmotion for a Wide range of hosting options and features, free SSL certificate, WordPress Setup, Long term account protection with no contract, and no renewal fees.

Partial refunds if the web host fails to meet the needs of the customer in the first 6 months.

Inmotion offers great customer support. Their customer care representatives can be reached by phone, live chat, or e-mail. They can provide any level of assistance to their clients. All of their customer support representatives are highly qualified and have been working for the company for more than two years.

Inmotion offers an InMotion Web hosting service which can allow customers to scale up or down based on their needs.

Inmotion provides a variety of hosting plans which can provide web developers and bloggers with a great platform to build and sell their content.

What we like about Inmotion: Inmotion offers 24×7 in-house support, free SSL certificate, and free cloud backups, low pricing, active hosting server with reliable servers, Partial refunds.

Best Features of Inmotion and types of hosting plans

Inmotion offers several features such as web hosting, WordPress, cloud hosting, hardware services, and more. It is one of the most professional and affordable web hosting providers. They provide their services across the United States, and they also provide a domain name for free. With the cost of other web hosts, it is quite hard for them to provide all these features. Inmotion has it all.

Shared web hosting

Building a website doesn't have to be an expensive task. If you are about to purchase cheap web hosting, check out shared hosting. With shared hosting, your site is in a roommate situation with many other sites on a single server, so you split the cost of the server and available resources. Shared web hosting is not very powerful, but it is a solid solution if you don't expect high website traffic.

InMotion offers four Linux-based shared web hosting plans. Inmotion hosting has Lite plan ($ 4.99 per month with an annual subscription, renewing at $ 8.99 per month). It allows you to host a website and offers 10GB of SSD storage, a single email account, and unlimited monthly data transfers. The Launch plan ($ 6.99 per month with an annual subscription, renewable at $ 11.99 per month) builds on that by allowing you to create two websites, create 10 email accounts, and store 50GB of files.

Next up the ladder is the power plan, which provides you with 50 websites, 100GB of SSD storage, and 50 email accounts. Their annual plan costs the same as the Launch plan, but rolls over at $ 15.99 per month. Inmotion will provide you with 200GB of SSD storage, and unlimited email accounts. Unfortunately, Pro is the only shared hosting tier from InMotion that doesn't lock you into an annual contract. Starts at $ 19.99 per month, with additional discounts for an annual commitment ($ 15.99 per month, renewing at $ 24.99 per month). On the bright side, all of InMotion Hosting's shared hosting plans include unlimited monthly data transfers, free SSL, and a free domain.

With that said, HostGator is still the PCMag Editors' Choice of choice for shared web hosting services. InMotion's rival offers unlimited monthly email, storage, and data transfers with each plan, adding the option of Linux or Windows-based servers. Everybody should know that the Windows fuction is important for the websites that have software that runs on an ASP.NET framework.

VPS web hosting

VPS hosting is more reliable than any other hostings. That's due to the fact that your site lives on a server with far fewer sites competing for resources than shared hosting. Additionally, web servers provide your site with a guaranteed minimum of resources. So that's why, VPS hosting is comparatively more expensive than the hosting, but it is a much more powerful and reliable system. You can think of VPS hosting as living in your own apartment; You will have neighbors, but not everyone is busy on your bandwidth to the same extent as roommates with shared hosting style.

InMotion Hosting is offering managed hosting and unmanaged cloud VPS web hosting. The managed VPS starts at $ 56.99 per month (or $ 41.99 per month with a one-year plan), while the scalable, unmanaged cloud VPS starts at $ 5 per month. You get respectable high-end specs for managed offerings, including 8GB of RAM, 7TB of monthly data transfers, a single dedicated IP, and up to 140GB of SSD storage. Unlimited emails, domains, websites, and MySQL databases are also included. The scalable cloud VPS maxes out at 32GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores, 640GB of SSD storage, and 7TB of monthly data transfer for a hefty $ 160 per month.

Hostwinds has flexible stacked VPS offerings starting at $ 4.49 per month for 1GB of RAM, 30GB of disk space, unlimited monthly data transfers, and unlimited email. Their offers scale up to $ 247.69 per month for 96GB of RAM, 750GB of disk space, unlimited monthly data transfers, and unlimited email.

Dedicated web hosting

With dedicated hosting, your website lives on a single server and takes advantage of the full power of the system. Actually, you don't share your server with any other persons, you have the whole house to yourself. That's why, dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful type of web hostings. It is one that you should consider if you expect your website to receive a large amount of traffic. Mission critical sites that cannot go down (or slow down) must be on dedicated servers.


So you may choose inmotion webhosting to launch your website. We highly recommend you to join inmotion hosting depending on the positive reviews of so may customers.