9 Strategies to Secure Bank Account Online - Best Guideline

Nowadays most of the people have an online bank account. We hope you already have one for you. As you have debit or credit card, you are doing different types of transactions on different companies. But you don’t know that most of the time your bank account details are not secure while you are doing the transaction. Not only you, but most of the people also do not focus on the bank account security.

You should be careful at the time of doing transactions. Money can be stolen or the bank account can be hacked at any time. So today we are going to discuss how to secure bank account or credit cards online.

Today technology makes things easier but it has also created a great risk to the online world to secure your personal information. To secure bank account information, you must obey the rules in the below.

01. Install antivirus to secure bank account online

Protect your computer or device with anti-virus software to be safe from the virus or other threads. If you are able to protect your device, then hackers won't be able to steal your personal information.

02. Don't save any passwords in your device

Make sure that your passwords of different platforms are safe. Don’t share your information with others online to secure bank account online. Even don't save any of your passwords in your computer, mobile or any other device. Because hackers are spreading the trojan virus through the mail.

Suppose you have clicked an attractive link in the mail, this unaware activity can bring trojan in your device. As a result, the hacker will search for important documents in your device. If the passwords are saved in a file, then easily the hacker can steal your information through spreading the virus. You may save your account passwords in a diary to secure bank account online.

03. Make your login password strong

To secure bank account online, make your password stronger by making it longer and difficult to guess. Use uppercase and lowercase letter to make it stronger. As an example, you may use all of these symbols and letters - @,#,1, a, B. As a result, the hackers won't be able to guess your password.

04. Don't share personal information on social media

Don’t share your personal information like bank account details, information of debit and credit cards or mobile number on the internet or in public places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to secure bank account online.

05. Don't click unauthorized links

Never trusts emails from an unknown website, link in an SMS and adverts asking you to click on a link to provide personal details. Whenever you get them, delete instantly.

06. Avoid using free Wi-Fi

Don’t do any financial transactions on free Wi-Fi. The owner of free Wi-Fi can easily track your information. Even if you use free Wi-Fi to log in any social accounts or any other website where you stored some important data about your bank accounts, your log in details can be hacked by the owner of the Wi-Fi router.

07. Make transactions with a site that has HTTPS

Only buy items from the websites that show HTTPS on the search engine and also look for the security sign padlock icon on the top of the address bar of a browser. Because if you pay using the payment gateway of an HTTP site for any service, then your credit card information is at risk.

08. Stay away from fraud people

Any agents or staffs of the particular website from where you have purchased a service or goods never ask for your personal details. If somebody is asking through email, SMS and call, you must know that they are a fraud. Don't share your personal information with this type of people.

09. Don't believe in online lottery

Sometimes fraud people try to make you fool by telling that you have won a lottery and tell you for submitting a form by filling up your credit card information. Don't believe them. Actually, they want to steal your credit card information.


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