Adenoids: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment – Proper Solution

What are adenoids?

Adenoids are a type of tissue that is located at the back of the throat or deep of the throat. It's almost like tonsils. Tonsils can be seen but adenoids are not visible to the human eyes. They both are part of the human immune system. Tonsils and adenoids help to prevent several types of infection.

Adenoids: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment – Proper Solution

Because of inflammation adenoids get bigger. When adenoid grows up, breathing becomes harder and mouth is seen to breathe instead of the nose. This problem is mostly seen in children. If the adenoids become enlarged, the sense of having taste is reduced in children. That's why the children do not want to eat. As a result, their health becomes the worst.

Symptoms of adenoids

Several symptoms can be found in a patient. Whenever you find out that the symptoms below are found in a baby or child, do not waste your time. You must take the child or baby to a doctor for having proper treatment.

  1. Because of the growth of the adenoids, the nose is blocked by enlarged tissue.
  2. Ear problem can be found in adenoids patient.
  3. Saliva comes out from the mouth.
  4. At the time of sleeping, the patient may snore all night.
  5. Because of having problem in breathing, the patient can not sleep well.
  6. Some swollen glands in the neck can be found.
  7. The mouth becomes dry and the lips become cracked.
  8. When Adenoid is big enough, the voice of the vocal may be changed and the child starts listening less.
  9. If the child is suffering for a long time, then the child may have the opportunity to become infected with Otitis Media.
  10. If the disease stays for a long time, then the child's mouth always will be salty (Drooling).

Causes of adenoids

Generally, adenoids are seen in a child or baby. The risk ages of having adenoids are 3 to 5 years old. If adenoids are found in 7 years old of a child, then the operation is only the solution for the kid. There are several causes of having adenoids.

  1. If bacteria and viruses enter through your nose, then you may have this disease.
  2. Any types of serious injury may cause adenoids.
  3. Adenoids may be caused by allergies.
  4. Some children may have adenoids from birth.

Treatment of adenoids

This disease should be treated under the supervision of Otolaryngologist. All you will have to find the best doctor for your baby or child. If you don't become serious about this problem, then the problem of your child or baby will become very critical.

  1. In the early stage of the disease, the disease can be controlled by taking antibiotics, nasal drop and Histacine medicine.
  2. Eating nutritious food and staying in a neat and clean environment also reduces the growth of adenoids.
  3. At the earlier stage of this disease, the doctor may prescribe you some medicines that may reduce the infection of adenoids.
  4. When your child or baby has adenoids, you must not let the child eat any cold drinks, ice cream or any cold foods. Taking cold foods may enlarge the adenoids very fast.
  5. If the condition of your child is not good and adenoid is much bigger which is causing a serious problem of breathing, then it will be a wise decision to go for the operation.


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