Cataract: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment - Proper Solution

What is a Cataract disease?

As much as Like the lens of the camera, there is also a lens inside our eyes. By narrowing and stretching, we can see clearly a thing from a particular distance. When this lens becomes opaque, we see a blurred vision and sometimes even notice nothing. So, the opacification of the lens of the eye which leads to a blurred vision or decrease in vision is known as Cataract disease. Most of the people in the old age become blind because of the cataract disease. Keep in mind that this blindness is not permanent. So the patient will be cured when he was treated properly.

Cataract: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment - Proper Solution

Some times a newborn baby can also face this problem.  But in most cases, the disease is seen in the old age of people. The disease usually can be seen at the age of 45-50 years old people. Whatever your age is if you have taken the proper treatment, then surely you will overcome this problem.

Symptoms of Cataract disease

If you find the following symptoms in the patient, then he may be suffering from Cataract disease. So, as soon as possible take him to an eye specialist.

  1. Blurred vision may appear in the eye.
  2. Sometimes the patient can not see in darkness.
  3. Eyes become sensitive when watching a brighter light.
  4. The patient may watch a double vision on a single eye.

Causes of Cataract disease

There are several reasons for Cataract disease. But the following reasons below are the major reasons to have this problem on the eyes.

  1. Some times, sudden eye injury may cause Cataract disease.
  2. It may appear on a newborn baby as a genetic disorder.
  3. Some times eye surgery also may cause Cataract disease.
  4. The use of steroid medications for a long time also can be the reason for this disease.
  5. If diabetes patients are in unregulated blood sugar, then the chance of this disease is very high.
  6. Due to radiation, because of chemicals on an eye or even getting shocked by the electricity can be a for that disease.
  7. Increasing age is one of the reasons to have Cataract disease on the eyes.

Prevention of Cataract disease

It can't be said that you can prevent Cataract disease by taking any steps. Nobody can guarantee on that matter. But the doctors' thinking is that there are several strategies which can help you a little bit to prevent the Cataract disease.

  1. To prevent Cataract disease, you may visit the hospital in regular to check up your eyes. If any problems in your eyes are found, it will be easy for you to take an initial step.
  2. If you smoke in regular, then try to avoid smoking. Because, if you already have got this problem, then smoking will have the chance to make this problem more critical.
  3. If you have diabetes problem, then try to maintain the sugar level of blood.
  4. Whatever you are eating or drinking, make sure that you are getting many vitamins and nutrients from the food and liquid. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins. Taking vitamins in regular can solve your problem. If you are about to take antioxidants in pills, then do not take pills. Because only fresh vitamin can prevent this problem.
  5. When you are going out, try to wear sunglasses. Because sunglasses will block different types of radiation to reach your eyes.
  6. If you are alcoholic, then leave this habit right now. Otherwise, you won't be able to prevent Cataract disease.

Treatment of Cataract disease

The treatment of cataract must be done under an ophthalmologist. In the early stage of the disease, black eye or sunglasses improve the patient's eyesight, the use of atropine drops improves the condition.

But when the cataract is mature, the operation is the only treatment. If the lens of the eye is operated, then the patient can get back the clear vision of eyes again. Modern surgery like phaco surgery has made the treatment easier, hassle-free and most reliable treatment.


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