Conjunctivitis: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment – Proper Solution

What is Conjunctivitis?

The white part of the spheroid sphere and the inner part of the eyelid are thin and surrounded by a transparent membrane is called Conjunctiva. The inflammation of this transparent eye membrane is known as Conjunctivitis. Also, to some people, this disease is known as pink eye. Pink eye is an annoying problem along with also irritating to the vision. This is a very common disease in our society where many people know a lot of different strategies to cure the problem. By using these strategies, often people get cured.

Conjunctivitis: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment – Proper Solution

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

There are several symptoms of this disease. But most of the times, the symptoms below are seen when you have conjunctivitis. Be aware of these symptoms, whenever you see these symptoms in your eyes, as soon as possible take the advice of an eye specialist.

  1. The eyes of the person who has Conjunctivitis become pink.
  2. Feels irritating on the vision of eyes.
  3. Eyes get glue when you wake up.
  4. Sometimes eyes can't be opened after awakening from the sleep.
  5. Suddenly, tears may appear in your eyes.
  6. Eye pain may appear in the infected eye.
  7. The condition of eyes become sensitive when the patient looks into the light and water comes out from the eyes.

Causes of Conjunctivitis

There are several causes of Conjunctivitis. But the following factors are mainly responsible for this problem. Be aware of these factors.

  1. Infected by viruses, bacteria, allergies may cause this problem.
  2. Sometimes radiation may cause this problem.
  3. Washing eyes with polluted water may cause this problem.
  4. A chemical splash in the eyes is also responsible for this problem.

Prevention of Conjunctivitis

Some often Conjunctivitis may cause inflammation in the cornea of eyes and also it may cause the irritation of vision. So you must be aware of the following factors in the below.

  1. When you are about to touch your eyes with your hands, make sure that you have washed your hands very well.
  2. The towel that you are using in regular, make sure that it is washed properly and well cleaned. Also, don't let anyone use your towel.
  3. Don't use the same pillow every day. You must have an extra pillow to use.
  4. Don't share any personal eye care items with anyone.
  5. Person of any age can have this disease at any time because of leading an unhygienic life.

Treatment of Conjunctivitis

We are going to discuss two types of treatment for Conjunctivitis. The one is initial treatment and the other is treatment on doctors consultation. If you take initial treatment at home by following the instruction, then we hope that it won't be necessary to go for the doctors' consultation.

Initial Treatment:

If your eyes are infected with Conjunctivitis recently, then you may take the following initial treatment.

  1. Conjunctivitis attacks in one eye at first and then spreads to the other eye. So it's your duty is to protect the other eye from getting infected by the eye that is already infected. For this reason, the patient is said to lie down on the side of a sick eye.
  2. Try to wash your eyes with pure water twice a day, wearing black glasses can also help you to get rid of this kind of disease.

Treatment on doctors consultation

If the condition of your infected eyes is very bad, then you must take the treatment on a doctors' consultation.

  1. He may consult you an antibiotic drop to prevent any further infection in your eyes if he finds that the condition of your eyes is very critical.
  2. But most often, the doctor will advise you cleaning your eyelids with a wet cloth, and also suggest to apply cold or warm compresses several times a day.
  3. One more suggestion you will get from the doctors that you must not use any contact lens accessories at this moment.

Keep in mind if you don't take any important steps to cure this disease, then Conjunctivitis can cause huge damage to your eyes.


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