High Blood Pressure: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment – Proper Solution

What is blood pressure or hypertension?

The term blood pressure is a common word which is familiar to everyone and in medical science, it is known as Hypertension. Healthy and unhealthy all people have blood pressure. Whenever the flow of blood exceeds the resistance level in your arteries, your heart starts to pump too fast.

High Blood Pressure: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment – Proper Solution

As a result, your arteries become narrower and high blood pressure is seen in your body. There is a normal level of blood pressure and when it exceeds the normal level, it is called hypertension.

How blood pressure is measured?

Ideal blood pressure for a healthy person is considered as between 90/60 millimetres of mercury pressure and 120/80 millimetres of mercury pressure. Here, the first number 90 and 120 indicates the blood pressure of the arteries during the contraction of the heart and the second number 60 and 80 refers to the arterial blood pressure during the heart's expansion.

There are two types of pressure. One is the systolic pressure and the other is the diastolic pressure. In the above 90 and 120 is known as the range of the systolic pressure. It's the pressure when your heart tries to starts pushing your blood out. And in the above 60 and 80 is known as the range of the diastolic pressure. It's the pressure when your heart tries to rest between beats.

When the pressure of your blood is higher than 140 millimetres of mercury pressure is called high blood pressure and if it is below 90 millimetres of mercury pressure is called low blood pressure or hypertension. Keep in mind that the level of blood pressure may vary slightly depending on age.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

In the initial stage of the high blood pressure, there is no complaint of the patient. It is hard to find out any symptoms of having high blood pressure. However, some patients may experience the symptoms below.

  1. Pain on the back of the head may appear.
  2. Excessive pulsation of the patient.
  3. Sudden abdominal blisters.
  4. Sometimes breathing can be difficult.
  5. Bleeding from the nose can be seen in a patient.

If the blood pressure is too high, the above symptoms may appear. If blood pressure is uncontrolled for a long time, it can take you to the life-threatening stage.

Causes of blood pressure

There are several reasons for having high blood pressure. Because of leading an uncontrolled life may help to appear this problem in your body. So, you must be aware of the following factors to lead a healthy life.

  1. It may appear from the genetics problem.
  2. The disease may appear with the increase of age.
  3. Too much stress is also responsible to have this disease.
  4. If your body is overweight because of laziness, then the problem may appear at any age.
  5. Taking too much tobacco and alcohol in regular may cause this problem.
  6. Less of vitamins in your regular food and drinking less water may cause this problem.

Treatment of blood pressure

One thing you need to keep in mind that hypertension or high blood pressure can not be cured fully. It can only be controlled. So you must learn how to control blood pressure.

Suffering from high blood pressure for a long time may cause other diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, kidney problem, vision loss, metabolism, less ability to think and remember something etc.

So you must take the proper treatment when you have high blood pressure. Many times, just by following these suggestions below, hypertension can be controlled.

The Instructions that you must follow

  1. Control high blood pressure.
  2. You must get up early in the morning to get daily exercise and keep your weight under control.
  3. Avoid smoking, junk food, tobacco.
  4. Stay free from anxiety.
  5. If the reason for having high blood pressure is diabetes and kidney problem, then you must take proper treatment of diabetes and kidney problem.

What you need to eat and avoid

If you want to control your high blood pressure or hypertension, then must follow the recommendation below.

Avoidable foods

Foods that contain cholesterol and saturated fat such as egg, yolk, liver of cow, eggs of fish, mutton or cow meat, chicken, butter, the food with extra fat, shrimp, coconut, salty foods, fast food, cakes, pudding, ice cream, cold drinks and alcohol etc.

Compulsory foods

Foods that contain fibre such as all kinds of vegetables, potato, bean, sour fruits that contain vitamin C etc. Beneficial food such as all types of marine fish, small fish, vegetable oils (corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, mustard oil) etc.

Measurable foods

Foods such as rice, potato, bread that contain carbohydrates, sweet fruits such as seasoned mango, ripe banana, milk foods etc.

If you think that hypertension has become very critical, then you must make an appointment with a cardiologist. Because too much hypertension may cause heart attack and stroke which can be the reason for sudden death.


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