Stroke: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment - Proper Solution

What is a Stroke?

Stroke is the name of the brain disease. When the flow of blood vessel of any place in the brain is obstructed, then because of obstructing the flow of blood to the brain of a particular area of the brain cannot work. This is the stroke disease. If the particular area of the brain falls victim to this situation, then the related organs of this area become disabled unexpectedly.

Stroke: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment - Proper Solution

If one side of the brain is disabled, then the opposite direction of the body becomes crippled. That means when the left side of the brain is damaged, it effects on the right side of the body.

After getting a stroke, such an aspect of the body is called hemiplegia. It always doesn't mean that a side of the body is permanently stagnant is a stroke. If there is some kind of stroke to the victim, then some temporary inconvenience happens to the victim. After getting the proper treatment, the victim gets cured.

Symptoms of stroke

If these symptoms below are shown in a person, then he may be having a stroke. As soon as possible, you must take the patient to a nearer hospital.

  1. The patient will fall in trouble at the time of speaking or understanding something.
  2. Sudden numbness, weakness or paralysis may appear in patients face. The arm or leg of a patient is disabled suddenly. Also sometimes one side of your body become paralysis.
  3. If the patient fails to raise his both hands over his head at a time, then he may be having a stroke suddenly.
  4. The patient may face blurred vision in his one or both eyes.
  5. Severe headache with vomiting, altered consciousness is the symptoms of a stroke.
  6. Because of having sudden dizziness or a loss of coordination, the patient may feel trouble at the time of walking.

Causes of stroke

So many reasons are responsible for having a stroke. Most of the times, the below reasons are known as the causes of stroke.

  1. Hypertension or high blood pressure, smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, excess fat in the blood, excessive alcohol consumption etc. increase the risk of getting a stroke.
  2. It has been said before that due to the inactivity of the brain's blood vessel is the stroke. Headache, nausea or vomiting can be found as symptoms. If there is a large stroke, four hands and feet may become numb or abnormal.

Treatment of stroke

When a person falls victim to a stroke, your first and foremost duty is to take him to a hospital near. Sometimes stroke causes sudden death if you become late to take the patient to a hospital.

  1. The stroke patient needs to do CT scan test in the brain, where it is damaged exactly, it can be understood even by the angiogram of the brain.
  2. Often the echocardiogram result is needed to be taken out. including blood tests and other diseases.
  3. Stroke patient treatment must be done under the supervision of a neurologist.
  4. There is no specific treatment for this disease so that the patient will be totally cured forever. Be patient, ensure proper nutrition and fluid supply, control diabetes.
  5. If the condition of a patient is very bad, then the most needed is physiotherapy.


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