How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast – Step by Step

How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast
How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast

Opening a Youtube channel is very easy but growing a Youtube channel is not very easy. You must have some qualities on your Youtube videos that can help you to grow your Youtube channel. So today I am going to tell you how to improve your video content quality and grow fast on YouTube.

You must have patience if you are about to start your YouTube career. If you don't have patience, then YouTubing is not for you. Do not waste your time. Because all of your half efforts and less patience will come in vain. If you really want to take YouTubing as a career, then keep reading below and learn how to grow a YouTube channel fast on YouTube.

01. Improve video editing quality

If you want to grow on YouTube fast, then you must know how to make a neat and clean video. Because when a viewer is going to watch your video on YouTube if he finds that your YouTube video quality is very poor, then he will not watch the full video. As a result, your video bounce rate will be increased automatically. And you will be started to lose your views on YouTube. So try to improve your YouTube video quality.

To improve your YouTube video quality, you must have a high rated video editor. If you do not work with a high-rated video editor, then you will definitely not be able to make a well-decorated YouTube video of good quality. You may use the following softwares for better video editing. You may use Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro, Videoscribe, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Audacity etc to give your video professional look.

Before making a video, you must learn about the community guidelines, copyright policy, the fair use of audio and video etc. Try to make your own content. Otherwise, your channel will be at risk. Because anyone can give copyright claim at any time if you use the original owners content in your YouTube video. So that's why don't try to use any copyrighted content from another video.

A. Choose a perfect video editor

To edit the video, you must use the best video editing software. There are many video editing software available for free. But I will suggest that you need to judge the quality of the video editor. I will highly recommend you to use Camtasia Studio. It's very easy to use and have so many functions. And its' editing features will give your video a professional look. Also, you may use Filmora video editor and Adobe Premier pro. These softwares are allowed to use on both Mac and Windows. And the editing quality is better than Camtasia Studio video editor. If you want all of these Softwares, then we have a YouTube package in the below. You will get Camtasia Studio video editor, Filmora video editor, Adobe PhotoShop, VideoScribe and Keyword generator in the package. It will cost only $5 USD.

B. Do audio editing properly

Audio editing is very important for your YouTube video. If the audio quality of your YouTube video is very poor, then you will lose viewers attention on your YouTube video. So, make sure that you don't have any type of background noise in the video. Many times the sounds of Fan are heard. If you find this type of noise, make sure that you have removed the extra noise.

02. Video topic selection

As you are a new YouTube. To get organic views from YouTube search, you must make videos on the trending topic. Because you will get thousands of hits on your video organically from the search of people. This strategy is working 100% for new YouTubers. Every day people search the trending topic on YouTube. So try to make a video on trending topic at first. As a result, your video will be in the top position and you will get organic views from the search result.

03. Video uploading strategy

Now, I will discuss the video uploading strategy on YouTube. Suppose, you have an aim that you will build up your career on YouTube in just 4 months. In addition 4 months equal to 4 × 30 Days = Total 120 days. Now make at least 1 video per day. After 4 months your channel will have 120 videos on YouTube. Now the question may come into mind "Will I create the video on the trending topic every day? My answer is NO.

You won't have to create a video every day on the trending topic. Because you won't get a hot topic every day on the internet. So, it will not be possible to create a video on a trending topic every day. In that case, you may target the most popular content which has a healthy search volume on the internet. Now another question may come into mind that why should I upload videos in regular on YouTube? Now I am going to make you understand why it is necessary.

When you are uploading videos in regular on YouTube, the YouTube algorithm will think that this guy is working so hard and making videos every for people. So it's my duty to suggest his videos beside another YouTubers video so that he may get views and grow on YouTube. Actually in 2020 YouTube algorithm is updated like this. The more videos you will have on your YouTube channel, the more you will generate views on your YouTube videos. And this strategy is working well for new upcoming YouTubers in 2020.

04. Don't focus on YouTube monetization

Don't run after YouTube monetization. If you run after to get approved for YouTube monetization, then you will get it within 2 months after completing 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. But because of having less quality video content on your YouTube channel, your channel views will not increase for not having quality content. As a result, at the end of the day, you will be a failure on YouTube.

So, your aim must be creating the best impressive, popular, neat and clean videos. The more you will think about YouTube monetization, the more time you will waste on YouTube. So, focus on creating creative content on YouTube. If you have good video content on your YouTube channel, then you will not have to worry about YouTube monetization. Good content will bring organic views on your video.

As a result, you will get organic subscribers on your YouTube channel. And also, your video watch time will also be increased organically on YouTube. Within 3 to 4 months you will generate more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. And YouTube will force you to join on the YouTube Partner Programme.

05. Apply Youtube SEO factors

Title, description and tags are the most important part of a youtube video. No matter what your video is, there is no value without the proper use of these three factors. From a few thousand videos, your YouTube video will only be seen when your video has a proper combination of these three factors. To grow on YouTube fast, you must learn about YouTube SEO.

A. Create a title with appropriate keyword research

Method - 01:

You can search for the video on YouTube that matches your desired topic. For example, if your video is on 5 best free android video editor, then you must search on YouTube - 5 best free android video editor. After doing a search for your desired topic on YouTube, now see what the result shows. Try to analyze your competitor's title and create a well-modified title with the keyword. And use the modified title on your YouTube video.

Method - 02:

Use the keyword research tool of Google Adword which will suggest the appropriate keywords of low volume search and high volume search. You can take the low competitive keyword from there and use it into the title of your YouTube video.

B. Write SEO optimized description

Add a description of your video into the description box of YouTube video. Make sure that you have included the keywords in the video description. Also, do not forget to link your social media accounts like a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Tumblr, Reddit and Instagram in the description box of your YouTube channel. Keep in mind that the bigger the description is and the better it is for you. Your description box must look like a short blog.

C. Add appropriate tags

Add video related tags on your YouTube video tags section. To find out the proper tags, you may use Google Keyword Planner of Google Adword Tool. You can add up to 500 characters of tags in the tags section of the YouTube video. So try to find the best keywords for the tags of your YouTube video from keyword planner. And add the tags properly into the tags section of YouTube video.

06. Create annotation

The annotation is a way that can boost your video views on YouTube. YouTube Annotations is one kind of pop up of clickable images and text with a link that can be added to each of your YouTube videos and it appears on a specific time while people are watching your video on YouTube. Do not forget to use annotations in each of your YouTube videos. It will help your viewers to know about your other videos when they are about to finish your current video.

Now let me make the concept totally clear. When a viewer watches your video if he clicks on the annotation link, then a new window will open and he will see the video that was recommended through annotation. After uploading your video on YouTube, under the video manager you will get the annotation options. Click on it and add your image or text with a link. That's all. You are done.

07. Choose a particular video uploading time

You must have a particular time for uploading YouTube video. Never try to upload a video on YouTube in the afternoon. If possible, try to upload the video in the morning, because it will help you to get more views. If possible upload at least 2 videos for your viewers in holidays. It will boost your video views on YouTube.

08. Create the best video thumbnail

Create a better thumbnail to draw the attraction of your viewers. If the thumbnail of your video is not attractive, then the viewers will not be attracted on your video and if viewers are not attracted, then viewers will not click on your YouTube video. So, try to create a good thumbnail for your YouTube video.

09. Share your video on the social platforms

If you have many Twitter followers or have a lot of Facebook fans, then your channel is much better to get views and subscribers from these platforms. Even if you have 50 Facebook friends, it's good news for you. Because they are your real friend. There is no profit with a fake friend. Because a fake friend will not subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Share your video on your Twitter and Facebook account, then you tell your 50 friends to find out a few seconds for you. They will watch your video. If possible, ask them to do at least one comment on each video. Also, you may join the Facebook groups which are related to your YouTube videos. Share your video there. It will help you to get post approval on these groups. And these groups will help you to get views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Dear reader, we have come to the end of this informative blog post. I hope this blog post was helpful for you to learn about how to grow a YouTube channel fast. If you follow the above methods and apply these methods properly, then I can guarantee you that your YouTube channel will grow within 4 months.

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