Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated on 20th February in 2022
The privacy policy of this website is preserved by Blog Support Web Team. As our website was designed to enable the maximum service or benefit from us. You are most welcome to read the privacy policy.

We may update this privacy policy at any time. It’s your duty to check the privacy policy. By the way, we do not sell any personal data to any 3rd party providers. As we are promoting the ads of Google and Bing, Google and Bing have the right to monitor your personal data like cookies, cache, and whatever they want.

However, for those who are interested to know what types of data we collect from users, we are obliged to provide you with the data and personal information as described in our privacy policy. If you need any assistance concerning this website, please contact us at our contact page.

Users Interface

The home page displays the upcoming events and a summary of the latest blogs on tech-related products or services. Other pages provide further information including some kind of offers and coupons, etc. These pages are completely transparent and are used to discuss topics or for various purposes. This website is most important for internal use and is completely open and secure.

Users Information

There are two kinds of information available here: personal data and general data.

Personal data refers to information about the user like their IP address, nationality, gender, age, etc. Personal data” is visible to the Blog Support Web team who are monitoring the user’s data. Also, we are collecting cookies to provide you with the latest tech info and offers so that you may be benefitted by reading any of our blogs.

General data refers to the basic content of the website. “General data” is available to the user and to people he/she chooses to share it with. In order to provide you with a safe and secure environment, we don’t collect, store or process any private information of the users in particular such things as full names, home addresses, or phone numbers.

Any personal data we do collect (only collected when you first register here) is then subject to the following rules (a) “The information of users must be permanently removed at the discretion of the website administrator” and (b) “Information of users that is gathered for the purposes of monitoring and evaluating the quality of the website can only be accessed by users of the website.”

Unfortunately, this means that although we do store some basic information about the website visitors, you should not expect to find your name or telephone number when you use our website or to be able to contact you directly by email. We are only here to enable the advantages of users of the website. However, we do not share personal information with external parties without your permission.

If you have any further issues with our privacy policy, then you are most welcome to write your opinion about our privacy policy on the contact us page. Thank you for reading this privacy policy.