How to Protect Mobile Phone from Coronavirus


Dear reader, how are you? We hope you are well by the grace of almighty creator. Today we are going to discuss how to protect your mobile phone from coronavirus. Protecting mobile from virus germs can protect you from getting infected by Covid-19.

The most alarming thing at the moment is the coronavirus. This coronavirus spreads through various means. For example, the virus can be spread through coughing and touching anything else.

Suppose you have a patient in front of you who is infected by the coronavirus. But you don't know that he is infected by the coronavirus. Coughing from that person may spread the germs of the virus.

If you are using your mobile phone in front of him for any reason, then the germs of the virus may fall on your mobile screen. As germs were fallen on the mobile screen, you can easily get infected by the virus simply by touching the mobile screen.

So today we will discuss how to protect your mobile from this coronavirus. Using the following methods, you can easily remove the virus from your mobile phone.

Way to protect your mobile phone from coronavirus

Make sure that you have hand sanitizer in your pocket all the time. When you have touched anything with your hands, you must use hand sanitizer to clean your both hands. Also, clean your mobile phone using hand sanitizer.

When you return home from the outside, make sure that you have cleaned your mobile screen using two soft smooth cloths. Smoothly clean the touch of the mobile screen with alkali-free soapy water or mild Sevlon water.

Lightly wet the smooth cloth. And use the smooth cloth to clean the mobile screen and every parts of mobile. Don't use too much water to wet the cloth. If it is done then it can be seen that water has entered inside the mobile.

Once the mobile is well cleaned, place the mobile under a fan and dry wet part of the mobile. When the full phone is dry, you can wipe the phone well with a thin tissue.

By following these simple methods, you may protect your mobile phone from coronavirus. And you will remain safe from coronavirus at the time of using your mobile phone. One more suggestion is that when you are about to go outside, make sure that you have full protection with a mask and sunglass. After returning home, as soon as possible take a shower.

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